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September 2023 Newsletter

SEIS ka Super Dancer

“Dance with your heart, and your feet will follow.”

On September 2, 2023, the final round of S.E.I.S. ka Super Dancer was conducted for both primary and secondary sections. In today’s competitive world it is very necessary to develop all the aspects of personality to stand with the competition. So, at a very young age, the students were given a platform to explore their talents, express their feelings with confidence and shed the stage fear through the dance competition held. 

The participants gave energetic and awesome performances which made the competition tough. The school discovered so many new talented performers and definitely we were so proud to see the young students rock the stage with their amazing moves.

The winners of the Kaun Banega S. E. ka Superdancers are:

Mst. Daksh Jadhav Grade 8 – Super-dancer Senior and Mst. Aarush Kulkarni Grade 2 – Super-dancer Junior

Teachers Day

‘Let us remember: One book, one pen, one child, and one teacher can change the world.’

On Tuesday, September 5th, we celebrated Teacher’s Day with enthusiasm and joy. This date holds significance as it honours the memory of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, the second President of Independent India, who was not only a great leader but also an exceptional teacher. On this special day, the students of S.E.I.S celebrated teacher’s day with lots of zeel and pride in their hearts. A short programme was conducted by the students of grade 9th and 10th.
Various activities were conducted for the students of different grades like: card making, pen holder making, bouquet making, etc.
It was a day full of fun and enjoyment.

Janmashtami Celebration

‘May you be blessed with the positivity and affection of your loved ones this Janmashtami’

Janmashtami is celebrated as the birthday of Lord Krishna, one of the most powerful and famous reincarnations of Lord Vishnu. According to the Hindu calendar, this festival is celebrated on the Ashtami of Krishna Paksh or the 8th day of the dark fortnight in the month of Bhadon. This day indicated the beginning of hope in the older times; hope, that the malicious rule of Kansa would soon end.

To seek the blessings of Lord Krishna, Janmashtami was celebrated at S.E.I.S. on 6th September, 2023 with mirth and joy. 

Krishna’s life reflects the idea of detachment from material possessions and focusing on the pursuit of spiritual knowledge and wisdom. As we celebrate Janmashtami, let us reflect on these teachings and strive to incorporate them into our lives, fostering a sense of love, devotion, and spiritual growth.

Primary and Secondary Picnic

 “Life was meant for good friends and great picnics.”

S.E.I.S. organized a delightful picnic for the students of primary section on 8th September, 2023 at Bird Park – Tic Tac Tot and for the students of secondary section on 11th September, 2023 at Monteria Resort.
The day started with a burst of energy as students engaged in various outdoor games and sports. It was heartening to see students from different age groups collaborate and compete in a friendly spirit.

 A guided nature walk was organized through the picturesque surroundings of Bird Park – Tic Tac Tot. Students learned about the local flora and fauna, gaining a better understanding of the ecosystem and the importance of environmental conservation.

A sumptuous picnic lunch was served, comprising a variety of delicious sandwiches, salads, fruits, and refreshments. Students enjoyed their meals.
Learning and Takeaways: The picnic offered several valuable learning opportunities for the students:

Teamwork: Through games and activities, students learned the importance of teamwork, communication, and cooperation.
Environmental Awareness: The nature walk raised awareness about the environment and the need for conservation.

Social Bonding: The picnic strengthened friendships and fostered a sense of belonging within the school community.

Hindi Diwas

“Hindi is not just a language, it’s a way of expressing our culture and heritage.”

 Hindi Diwas, celebrated on September 14th every year, holds great significance in India as it marks the adoption of Hindi as one of the official languages of the country. It is an occasion to promote the Hindi language, celebrate its rich heritage, and encourage its use among the people. At S.E.I.S., we celebrated Hindi Diwas with great enthusiasm and fervor, aiming to instill a sense of pride and appreciation for our national language among our students.

The day began with an inauguration ceremony where our esteemed principal and teachers addressed the students, emphasizing the importance of Hindi language in our daily lives and the preservation of our cultural identity.

Students from grade 8 performed a street play emphasizing on the importance of the Hindi Language

Students from various classes showcased their linguistic talents by participating in Hindi recitation.

Hindi Diwas serves as a reminder that language is not just a means of communication but also a repository of our culture and heritage. It encourages students to take pride in their mother tongue and learn to use it effectively. Hindi Diwas also promotes linguistic diversity while unifying the nation under the umbrella of a common language.

The celebration of Hindi Diwas at S.E.I.S. was a resounding success.

Spell Bee Competition

“In the world of words, spelling bees are the ultimate test of one’s linguistic prowess.”

The eagerly anticipated Spell Bee Competition took place at S.E.I.S. This event drew participants from various grades, showcasing their exceptional spelling skills and fostering a sense of healthy competition among students. The competition aimed not only to test the student’s spelling abilities but also to promote vocabulary enrichment and language proficiency.

Spell bee – English round 1 was conducted on 15th September, 2023.
and the final round took place on 30th September, 2023.

The competition witnessed enthusiastic participation from students across various grades. Their commitment and dedication were evident in their confident and accurate spelling attempts.

Winners of the English Spell Bee competition are:
Grade 5 – Mst. Ketan Choudhary
Grade 6 – Mst. Hetank Dave
Grade 7 – Ms. Moksha Charla
Grade 8 – Mst. Daksh Jadhav
Grade 9 – Mst. Akshath Vyawahare
Grade 10 – Mst. Kedar Tejani

Ganpati Celebration

‘May God give you a rainbow for every storm, a smile for every tear. A promise for every care and an answer to every prayer.’

Ganesh Chaturthi, also known as Vinayaka Chaturthi, is one of the most widely celebrated Hindu festivals in India. This annual festival marks the birth of Lord Ganesha, the elephant-headed god of wisdom, prosperity, and good fortune. Ganesh Chaturthi typically falls in the Hindu calendar month of Bhadrapada, which corresponds to August or September in the Gregorian calendar.
Lord Ganesha was welcomed to S.E.I.S. followed by the chanting of mantras, offering of sweets, flowers, and fruits.
Ganesh Chaturthi plays a significant role in promoting cultural and communal harmony. People from different backgrounds come together to celebrate this festival with great fervor. It also serves as a platform for various art forms, including music and dance during the festival.

Gandhi Jayanti Cleanliness Drive

‘Let everyone sweep in front of his own door, and the whole world will be clean.’

  Clean environment is an indicator of progress of human beings and with the motto of clean environment Government of India has initiated ‘Swaccha Bharat Abhiyan’ On account of this activity, S.E.I.S.  organized a cleanliness drive where every student was explained about the importance of cleanliness. 

Student of the month

We are glad to announce the star of the month – September

Grade 1 – Mst. Aarav Mankame

Grade 2 – Mst. Aayush Sharma

Grade 3A – Mst. Arjun Patel

Grade 3B – Ms. Zenia Patel

Grade 4 – Mst. Vihaan Chauhan

Grade 5 – Mst. Garvish Darjee

Grade 6 – Mst. Rajveer Rathod

Grade 7 – Mst. Luv Purohit

Grade 8 – Mst. Meer Shettigar

Grade 9 – Ms. Keya Balsara

Grade 10 – Mst. Atharva Yadav

Congratulations to all.