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August 2023 Newsletter

Star of the month

“You are the star of the month because you shine the brightest.”

We are thrilled to introduce our Star of the Month for august, 2023! This program is our way of recognizing and celebrating the outstanding contributions and dedication of our students, who consistently go above and beyond in their roles.

Students who were felicitated as star of the month

Grade 1 – Ms. Krisha Panchal

Grade 2 – Mst. Siddhant Gala

Grade 3 A – Mst. Dev Kasbekar

Grade 3B – Mst. Ayan Pohal

Grade 4 – Ms. Disha Dahiya

Grade 5 – Ms. Ruchi Kadam

Grade 6 – Ms. Lavishka Singh

Grade 7 – Mst. Dhaval Parihar

Grade 8 – Ms. Shubhavi Nayak

Grade 9 – Mst. Rudrik Mewada

Grade 10 – Mst. Dhairya Bhagat

Congratulations to all who have won the title of ‘Star of the Month’

The criteria of judging the star of the month will be as follows:

•          Effort.

•          Good attendance or improvement in attendance.

•          Character through compassion, honesty, trustworthiness, responsibility.

•          Behaviour and self-control.

•          Attitude toward others/learning.

•          Leadership and integrity.

•          Demonstrates responsibility.

Unit Test

“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.”

The first Formative Exam for the academic year 2023 – 24 was conducted during the first week of August 2023. The students were well prepared and appeared for their examination with great enthusiasm, believing that education is the first step towards success.

Drawing Competition

‘Drawing is not what one sees but what one can make others see’

A drawing competition was held on 8th August, 2023 in the school for all the students of S.E.I.S. as a part of Independence day celebration. The students from grade 1 to 10 used this platform to showcase their talent and patriotism towards the country.

Winners of the drawing competition

1st Grade – 1) Masumi Parmar 2) Prashi Jagavat 3) Krisha Kane

2nd Grade – 1) Aarush 2) Meet 3) Kanak Gupta

3rd/A Grade – 1) Harshita 2) Kiaan Patel 3) Saragi Patel

3rd/B Grade – 1) Riaan Bhalani 2) Zenia Patel 3) Trishala Patel

4th Grade – 1) Nupur Sharma 2) shiv 3) Jignesh

5th Grade – 1) Chavi Pohal 2) Ruchi Kadam 3) Sumit Purohit

6th Grade – 1) Hardik Malviya 2) Hetank Dave 3) Prince Bhati

7th Grade – 1) Arya kenkre 2) Jeet Gada 3) Trisha Tayshete

8th Grade – 1) Dhairya Gangar 2) Daksh Jadhav 3) Shubhavi Nayak

9th Grade – 1) Keya Balsara 2) Yesha Mistry 3) Tamanna Malviya

10th Grade – 1) Hiya Patel 2) Dheer Jain 3) Muskan Bhatiya

Congratulations to all the winners

Independence Day

‘Nation First, Always First’

As the country celebrated its 77th Independence Day with great fervor and the tricolor was seen as a brand in everything from cookies, sandwiches to mugs and cushion covers, not to mention the tricolor balloons and the themed attires that marked the festivities, S.E.I.S, chose to explore what the day marked 77 years ago – FREEDOM!

The Chief guest, along with other dignitaries hoisted the national flag and all in

unison sang the National Anthem. The spirit of patriotism was further enhanced by a couple of patriotic songs, a dance, speeches and a skit performed by the students. Our director, Mr. Mahesh Desai and our guest Ms. Neha Swami addressed the gathering and briefed about the significance of the day. The programme ended with the National song and distribution of sweets to all who graced the occasion.

Science Workshop

‘The most important thing is to never stop questioning’

A science workshop was conducted in S.E.I.S. on 23rd August, 2023 by Mr. Gaurav Save (Admitted MS at Columbia University, New York) and Atif Jamil (B.Tech – Computer Science, IIT Guwahati).

Fun with Science & insightful Career counselling paving the way for successful future of our students was the main moto of the workshop. The students of grade 9 and 10 gained ample knowledge and insight for their future.

Open House

‘By choosing our path we choose our destination’

The first open house of the academic year 2023 – 24 was conducted on 26th August, 2023. This was a great platform where the parents and students could meet their teachers and know about their progress. It also helped them to understand the ways and means in which they can improve.

Raksha Bandhan

“The bond between a brother and sister is unbreakable, just like the thread of Rakhi.”

To encourage the bond of a brother-sister relationship, at S.E.I.S, we conducted the rakhi-making activity on 29th August, 2023. Children brought rakhi-making materials like molly, ribbon, silk thread, pearls, stars, etc. from home and with the help of their teachers in the class, all the girls along with their friends made their rakhi.

The boys were engaged in making a photo frame with a photograph of their sister in it, as a gift for their sisters.

To mark the significance of the day, the girls tied rakhis to the boys.

The students of grade 9 conducted a short programme to address the importance of the day.

No Books Day

“Leave behind the baggage, it’s ‘No Books Day’ today! Let your mind fly free.”

A “No Books Day” in school is an initiative where students are encouraged or required to attend school without carrying their bags or backpacks. The ‘No Books Day’ was conducted on 31st August, 2023. The concept of no-bag days is a landmark step to ease the burden on school children and shift focus from bookish knowledge that the Indian education system propagates. The teachers planned special activities and lessons to make this day more engaging and educational.

Meri Maati Mera Desh

This campaign was conducted on 14th August to pay homage to martyrs while promoting patriotism and national service. Mumbai’s civic body along with students of SEIS planted saplings as part of ‘Vasudha Vandan’.