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July 2023 Newsletter

Guru Purnima

‘Guru is the light in the dark, an inspiration and aspiration’
Guru Purnima was celebrated on 3rd July with great enthusiasm among the students of S.E.I.S. A short program was conducted by the students, in which they recited a few shlokas and explained their meaning.
To focus on the influence of the person we admire as guru on us, an activity was conducted in the school where the primary students were involved in making greeting cards and secondary students were engaged in writing an essay on the topic ‘The person I admire the most as a Guru’.
Few Secondary students made a respectful gesture towards Principal Mam and all teachers by offering flowers and worshipping them to seek their blessings.

Elocution Competition

Primary students at SEIS dazzled the stage with their eloquence, speaking confidently on a range of engaging topics during the Elocution Competition held on 5th July.

MCB Training

MCB an online platform is used by SEIS to enrich the parent -school communication. Training was conducted on 12th July for Parents & Teachers.

Investiture Ceremony

‘Investing in tomorrow, today!’
The Investiture ceremony is a long-awaited ceremony. The students cast their votes for the posts of Head Boy and Head Girl on 13th July. The selected students got up on the stage on 21st July with full zeal and enthusiasm to receive this honour. They were honoured with their respective badges and sashes.
We are glad to announce Atharva Yadav as the Head Boy and Tanisha Dalvi as the Head Girl.
Head Council – Mst. Akshath Vyawahare and Ms. Keya Balsara
Captains of the Red House: Mst. Ansh Vyas and Ms. Yesha Mistry
Captains of the Blue House: Mst. Anshul Pawar and Ms. Diya Bhosekar
Captains of the Green House: Mst. Rohit Bamani and Ms. Jeel Mewada
Captains of the Yellow House: Mst. Kunj Joshi and Ms. Tammana Malviya


Mst. Dhairya Bhagat
Mst. Parth Wader
Mst. Shripal Purohit
Mst. Dhyanam Joshi
Mst. Hem Desai
Mst. Aakash Pal
Ms. Yachi Jain
Ms. Shravani Shirodkar

We congratulate the newly appointed team.

1st Parent-Teacher Meet

PTM lays the foundation for a trusting and positive relationship between parents and teachers, enhancing the overall learning environment. The first Parent Teacher meeting of Primary Section was organized on 25th July to ensure any concerns are addressed promptly.

Kargil Vijay Diwas

‘The harder the battle the grander the victory’

Kargil Vijay Diwas observed on 26th July is a symbol of India’s pride, valor and steadfast leadership. Kargil Vijay Diwas is the day to remember India’s war victory and to pay tribute to the Kargil Martyrs. To commemorate this great event, the students of S.E.I.S. conducted a program and paid tributes to the Kargil martyrs.

Kaun banega SEIS ka Superdancer

‘You don’t need a reason to dance, you just need to dance’
With the aim of honoring the dancing skills of students a dance competition was organized for the students of S.E.I.S. The competition Round-1 was conducted in dance class with great zest and excitement. This competition increased self confidence and self-esteem in the children.
The Top 3 Semi-finalists of Round-1 from each class will be qualified for Final round on 2nd September