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School Recognition Details by Govt of Maharashtra

  /  School Recognition Details by Govt of Maharashtra
Maharashtra government

Our Credentials –

  • Selecting the right school for your child is one of the many important decisions you will make in your life. While there are plenty of aspects that are considered when you make this decision, one of the primary & basic should definitely be whether the school is recognized by the Government or not.
  • S.E.International School is recognized by Maharashtra State Govt. We have got permanent recognition & received the index number from M.S. Board of Secondary & Higher Secondary Education MUMBAI DIVISION. The permanent recognition is received only after 5 consecutive years of inspection and satisfactory reports that have been submitted by the school. 
  • The school is managed by Kapila Kantilal Desai Public Charitable Trust Mumbai, and the trust is a Gujarati Linguistic Minority trust.
  • The school’s primary section is recognized by Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai in 2003. The school primary and secondary sections with their U – DISE number regularly is uploaded on the portal of Education Board. 
  • This recognition is granted to the school as a self financed school and on a permanently unaided basis.
  • We are proud to be recognized legally by the Government for our services, but are you sure the school you are considering for your child, is Government recognized? 
  • Feel free to contact us to further understand our credentials, we would be more than happy to talk about it.

Primary Recognition :-

Secondary Recognition :-

secondary recognition certificate

Validate it Yourself!

Our credentials can be validated at the Maharashtra Government Education Portal


To do so :-


1. Go to the Maharashtra Government Education Portal


2. Please click on ‘School’.


3. Search Schools.


4. Use code 27220100218 to check status of primary section.


5. Use code 27230700283 to check status of secondary section.


Screenshots of result as above.