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Rapples Tablet Education

S.E. International School is a proud partner of Rapples which is India’s first tablet based learning solution & comes pre-loaded with textbooks as chosen by the schools or teachers. Textbooks on the Rapples tablet are enhanced with animation, video and voice, and are loaded with features that make learning fun and teaching enriched. Rapples integrates a smart eBook reader and a robust Learning Management System (LMS) to transform the experience of teaching, learning and assessment.

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Tata Classedge

S.E. International School is proudly partnered with Tata ClassEdge which was created with 25 years of international experience in the space of e-learning. With the Tataclassedge technology we offer virtual classrooms and interactive whiteboards in our school. Tata entered the space of school education in India in 2011 with the aim of innovatively using technology to improve learning outcomes for children through interactive learning.

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Play Ground

Rooftop Turf Area

Outdoor activities are crucial for the overall development of students especially during the growing years. The school’s rooftop turf provides the right amount of space for students to enjoy different sports. We ensure excellent safety for all students while they reach their maximum potential in the sport of their choice.

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Computer Lab

With a focus on our budding engineers & scientists, we have a state of the art computer lab to ensure that our students are completely tech savvy before the pass out.

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Science Lab

A hands-on science laboratory where inquisitive minds and science enthusiasts can explore physics, chemistry & biology. The dedicated laboratory allows students to extend the classroom learning in using practical models and science experiments.

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Bus Service

Bus Service

We have well equipped buses to cover the areas in from Kandivali to Mira Road. Each bus has a lady attendant assigned. Safety during travel is the first priority given for the bus services at our school. Fully equipped with CCTV and GPS system monitoring the students to ensure their safety. More details on the bus service here.

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S.E.I.S. Facilities

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