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November 2023 Newsletter

Diwali Celebration

On the occasion of Diwali, the students of S.E.I.S. decided to make an effort to help the poor children. The students of S.E.I.S. donated many items of daily use, snacks, etc. These donations brightened the day for poor people and helped them to fulfil their wishes.

“Your generosity can make a lasting difference in the lives of those in need.”

Debate Competition

The debate competition held at S.E.I.S. was a dynamic session fostering diverse opinions and perspectives on the topics given to the kids. The inter-house debate competition showcased active involvement from students across various classes, highlighting their enthusiasm for the event. Summarizing opinions, diverse arguments, and enthusiastic participation, the debate competitions facilitated a rich exchange of ideas and perspectives among students.

The Blue house was the winner of the debate competition. We congratulated the team and encouraged the rest to participate and win many more competitions to come.

Parent’s Appreciation

SEIS expressed their gratitude towards their school parents by appreciating with a thank you note. It also showed that they have taken the time to learn about them and appreciate them. Written with sincere thanks, a thank you note can also be a way to affirm your relationship with parents. But S.E.I.S. always is one step ahead in every field. The parents of S.E.I.S. are appreciated with a trophy for their hard work which they put in for the upliftment of the society and their immense sacrifice for the family and the nation.

Dear parents, we wholeheartedly appreciate your efforts. May you be blessed abundantly.