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December 2023 Newsletter

English Moderator Workshop

The English Workshop aimed to guide students in enhancing their understanding of the examination of full samples of student work. These workshops are structured to help students improve their assessment practices and ensure consistency.

Key Components of the English Moderator Workshop

Sample Analysis: to gain insights into the grading criteria and expectations

Guidance by Senior Moderators: Workshops are conducted in teams led by senior moderators. This collaborative approach ensures a thorough assessment of assignments previously marked by teachers, with a focus on maintaining consistency in grading standards.

Discussion of Challenges and Solutions: Participants engage in discussions about challenges faced in grading and share effective strategies. This collaborative learning environment promotes professional development.

Christmas Celebration

Christmas celebration was a joyous event celebrated on 21st December 2023 at S.E. International School. The day’s events brought smiles to every student’s face. Students wrote their wishes to Santa Claus hoping for it to be fulfilled.

The Christmas celebration was marked by unique and enthusiastic participation, showcasing the school’s adaptability and festive spirit.

The event at S.E. International School showcased a spirit of celebration and unity among students.

14th Annual Day 2023-24: VISTA – Life is Beautiful

The Annual Day Celebration is a significant event that marks the culmination of another successful academic year. It serves as a platform to celebrate the school’s existence and acknowledge the students’ achievements in both curricular and co-curricular activities.

Key Elements of the Annual Day Celebration

  • Formal Welcome and Introduction:

The event began with an energetic welcome, setting the tone for the festivities.

A brief introduction was provided, highlighting the purpose and significance of the Annual Day Celebration.

  • Annual School Report:

A pivotal component involved presenting the Annual School Report, summarizing the school’s achievements and progress throughout the year. The report covered academic accomplishments, extracurricular achievements, and notable events.

  • Cultural Performances:

Students showcased their talents through cultural performances, including dance, music, and drama.

These performances added vibrancy to the celebration, reflecting the diverse talents within the school community.

  • Prize Distribution Ceremony:

Outstanding students and achievers in various fields were recognized and rewarded during the Prize Distribution Ceremony.

This fostered a sense of accomplishment and motivation among the student body.

  • Acknowledgment of Staff and Contributors:

The contributions of teachers, staff, and other individuals who played a significant role in the school’s success were acknowledged and appreciated.

The Annual Day Celebration served as a momentous occasion to reflect on the year gone by, celebrate achievements, and inspire students for the future.