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June 2021 Newsletter

In the month of June – 2021 the school celebrated the Annual Concerts of various classes which were a great success and brought in a new vigour among the students, Teachers and Parents before the onset of new academic session.

All the classes had different themes and some of them were Save Environment, Covid Warriors, Patriotism, Unity in Diversity, An Alien from Mars etc. Bases of these them the teachers prepared the students with skits, anchoring, music, recitation speech and dances. The teachers also made required props and parents also extended their cooperation in making the videos of performing children.

Our technical hand Mr. Ashish have done a great job in compiling these videos which were live streamed from youtube with the presence of the parents and family members of all students. The attendance war cent percent. And the efforts of students < parents and teachers generated huge round of applause.
We also received lot of likings for our programme on facebook.

These programmed show that we have competent and tech savvy staff and smart students who will survive all the odds in the future and will succeed in life.

Indeed this Virtual Annual Concert was an innovative effort from the part of S. E. International School family.

This summer brush up classes bridged the gap of last year online teaching learning process and the syllabus of the present academic year 2021-22.

The academic year 2021-22 started successfully on 14th June 2021. New teachers are appointed and students started with a new zeal. Assignment checking has been started by the teachers. All assignments are marked keeping in mind the covid situation. Assignments are taken both through MCB portal and whatsapp & getting corrected by within next 3 days. The teachers are correcting hard copy of submitted notebooks also.

Teachers are going through several training programmes of which Tata Class Edge, MCB, Interactive Board and Education department conducted programmes are important.

School cleanliness drive and sanitisation are done in every 15 days. Seeing the cleanliness of the school premises government has decided to conduct several exam in the school.

Online teaching by the school is very successful with competent, experienced and teach savvy teachers. For best performance of the online classes we took licenced Zoom ID and most sophisticated Interactive Boards which are rarely available in other educational institutions.

We celebrated World Yoga Day online from the school on 21st June 2021. About 250+ participants did yoga with us through virtual paltfrom. The particpants were our teachers, parents and students. We congratulate our parents for the successful event of World Yoga Day under Ayush Mantralaya, Central Govt.

We also celebrated Father’s Day in the school. Children made cards for their fathers and thanked them for their immense contribution which are unforgettable. Our students expressed gratitude to their fathers through various activities online. Teachers made a powerpoint presentation to celebrate father’s day. They also learnt initial feel of how to make shirts for their fathers at home by paper cutting.

We also celebrated World Environment Day by planting trees and showing experiments on germination.

From 30th June we are starting online assessment of the students through class tests. We are providing remedials to the students and the classes are always interactive in nature. A direct connection between teacher and the student parent has been made through whatsapp groups. The students and parents can interact with the teacher to clear their doubts in a given time.