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Subjects: Class IV : English, Maths, E.V.S - 1, E.V.S. - 2, G.K.

With a decade of experience in teaching, her teaching skills ensure that the students gain perfect understanding of fundamental subjects, and they have a strong foundation to gain success in higher standards.

B.A. ; D.Ed.
Subjects: Class I to IV : Computer

We can’t survive without technology in this age and an ace at computers and technology, Rachana miss teaches our primary students the basics of computers.

B.Com. ; B.Ed.
Subjects: Class I : English , Maths, GK , E.V.S. & Class IV : Marathi

Smita miss loves being a child with the kids and teaching them in a way that best suits each child. She understands the grasping capacity of each individual child and teaches them in her special ways.

M.Com. ; B.Ed.
Subjects: Class II : English , Maths, GK , E.V.S.

Darshana miss aims at teaching students more than what is just in the textbook. A voracious reader herself, she loves imparting practical knowledge to her students.

Subjects: Class I to VIII - Work Experience ( Craft)

Her method of teaching art and craft is engaging and fun. Creatively inclined, Kavita Miss aims of encouraging students to let their talents grow.

M.Sc. Biotechnology
Class 8- Computer, Class 9- English and Science, Class 10- English and Self Development & Art Appreciation

With a background in science, Anjal Miss likes to kindle a child’s curiosity in technology and science. She believes in practical teaching and encourages use of technology in academics.

B.Sc. ; B.Ed.
Class 6 - Science, G.K, Maths ; Class 9 & 10 - Geometry

While Geometry may not be everyone’s cup of tea, Rachana miss makes sure her students understand the basics and lays the foundation for a better future.

B.A. ; B.Ed.
Subjects: Class 7 to 10: Marathi ; Class 8 : G.K

One of the most experienced teachers in the school, Tanvi miss is a favourite among students for her calm and patient attitude. Her forte lies in regional languages and students love attending her class.

B.A. ; B.Ed.
Class 7,9 & 10 - Hindi ; Class 8 - History-Civics /Geography

Other than teaching, Vanita miss loves reading all about our country’s interesting history. She aims at enlightening students all about India’s vast and diverse culture.

M.A. ; B.Ed.
Subjects: Class: 6,7,8 & 10 - English

Manjusha miss is the perfect definition of a grammar perfectionist. She is strict about her students’ grammar and spellings, and promotes English speaking and writing skills.

B.Sc. ; B.Ed.
Class 7- Science ; Class 8 - Maths ; Class 9 & 10 - Algebra

Algebra may sound boring to most of us, but if you attend her class, you won’t find it boring at all. She makes it interesting and inculcates curiosity about the subject.

B.A. ; B.P.Ed.
Class I to X : P.T & Class V, VI and VIII : Hindi

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. While we all are aware of this, how many of us really practice this? Rana Sir ensures students understand the importance of sports and physical activity in life.

M.Com , E.C.C.Ed.

With 8 years of experience , she makes sure that the children are confident & responsible enough with writing skills and makes the children understand the concepts thoroughly.

M.B.A. ; P.P.T.C. ; E.C.C.Ed.
All subjects for Junior

With 5 years of experience, she narrates the stories and rhymes with an innovative way where children enjoy learning. She also teaches the concept by enacting role play method.

All subjects for Senior KG.

With 1 year of experience. She loves kids and enjoys playing with them in an educational way. She encourages the children to build up their self-confidence.

M.A. ; B.Ed.

Administration Executive

Administration Executive


Senior Accountant

Pre-Primary Co-ordinator

PG in E.C.C.Ed
All subjects for Nursery

She is a fun loving and creative teacher, loves to be around children as helping them learn with lots of happiness.

E.C.C.Ed ; Grammar & Phonics Certified.
All subjects for Junior KG

With 4 years of experience. She encourages children lovingly to bring out the best in each child.

B.M.M. ; B.Ed.
Class III : English , Maths , E.V.S.

Krutika miss aims to provide a rich, stimulating and caring class environment in which the child feels happy, safe, secure and confident. To help all children to be happy, confident and enthusiastic learners. To encourage creative, enquiring minds and to encourage the development […]

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