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February 2022 Newsletter

The month of February was full of new Vigour and enthusiasm in the school as the school was going to showcase its unique experiential teaching learning model exhibition through UTTHAN-THE RISE-2021.

The exhibition began through science experiments of students with available materials at home. These videos we started uploading in our youtube channel and started keep as status of WhatsApp. We received huge number of views for the same and the students got motivated immensely. Check out our Youtube channel below:

Then we started working for our in house project UTTHAN 2022. This ambitious project was spread throughout the school. The ground floor exhibited various features of space. Our space was breathtakingly beautiful and knowledgeable. It was the work of 9th grade students.

1st floor hall exhibited the importance of 8 intelligence in the growth years of child development.

Rest of the school show cased working models of physics, chemistry, biology, metallurgy, geoscience and others. Our working model of Mangalyan was a huge hit among students and visitors. Click on the link below:

This project garnered huge support from parents and scholars. Through this project we wanted to show that practical experience of learning always helps students to understand a concept better. We are providing this kind of teaching learning methodology to our students at a minimal cost. So why to go for lakhs when you are getting it in thousands.

Long live to SEIS young scientists. Hip Hip Hurray.