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Utthan 2016

Utthan 2016

It’s that time of the year again. The time when our students get the greatest opportunity to showcase their creativity in every possible way. The S.E.I.S. family has been holding Utthan, the multi-subject exhibition where the kids can bring out their inner Michelangelo and create absolutely marvelous projects. And this time around, it’s not only us appreciating their work but also many reputed personalities from the education field.

Since this was a large-scale event, we would want to give justice to the efforts put in by our children and give you guys all the information about the same. And just to ensure that we don’t miss out on anything that we did during those two days we have thought of giving out the information in two different articles.

Let’s go back and revive those memories (because we just can’t get enough of the excitement and fun that surrounded the event).

The first day of the exhibition, 30th September, 2016, began with a grand opening ceremony. Our respected trustee, Mr. B.K.Desai specially flew down from Ahmedabad to give his best wishes and to mark the opening of the event. And then began the big day which we were all looking forward to.

One could see the hard-work and thoughtful preparation of each and every child from the very beginning. The entrance was an opening to a cave which was made with the help of our talented secondary children and the guidance of Mr. Mandar, our art and craft teacher and our principal Mrs. Jaya Kunder, The finishing and the perfection with which this was done was only building our hopes even higher.

Utthan 2016

The cave then led to a huge globe of our beloved planet Earth. This marked the evolution of man from ancient to modern.


To enjoy the exhibition to the peak, we asked our guests to start from the 4th floor. This floor was proudly taken over by the older sections. The theme was the evolution of man and how he has survived through various civilizations.

The first room was all about the cave men and their food, clothes and shelter. Unlike other exhibitions, our projects were interactive and the kids would throw back questions at the guests just to see how much of their work was analysed and observed.


The highlights of this floor:

Development of houses
An amazing way of showing the evolution of the cave men with the help of their houses, tools and their eating habits.

The S.E.I.S. School Model
Utthan 2016
The students were successful in making a model of the school which was an exact replica of the current structure.

Sant Gyaneshwar Story
This was an extremely informative corner where the project was interactive and fun.

Coming down to the third floor, we saw how we have progressed as a society in the fields of science as well as cultures.

Utthan 2016
The first room showcased the unity in diversity which is still prevalent in our country. An amalgamation of different cultures: Gujarati, Punjabi, Malayali and many more.

Utthan 2016
The second room was the science room which was a wonderful presentation of the current scenario of progress that India has made in this field. The hero of this room was the Rocket, which took off right in the air with just one push of a button.

Backbone of the Society
Utthan 2016
The transportation of Mumbai is it’s transportation. The latest development is the Metro Train, which is helping people commute easily. And this is what the students demonstrated fabulously.

The Solar System
Utthan 2016
The last room was the presentation of the entire solar system. This was done in a room with dim lights and it was given the out-of-world feel.

The students and teachers have put in a lot of hard-work and perseverance into this. All they require is appreciation and encouragement in return. We would love to improve ourselves too. So let us know in the comments below how did you find Utthan, 2016.

Also, the Pre-primary section has worked equally hard, so keep following us to stay updated on what happened on the first two floors.