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Marching towards digitalization -SEIS

Marching towards Digitalization: School holds secondary PTM on TABs

As the school takes one giant step at a time towards digitalization, we are proud to announce that we held the Unit Test of secondary students on TABs. It was a first-time experience for students and they were extremely excited to try their hands on this device. The students fared well and it was easier for them to attempt for their tests on the TABs. With the world moving so fast, it is necessary that our students are at par with the growth. And at SEIS, we envision to train our students in such a way that they pass out with extra-ordinary knowledge.

Not only this, even the parents of these students had a chance to view their progress on the TABs when we held the PTM on 26th August,2016. The parents were able to check detailed marks distribution of their children. This enabled the parents to know exactly where their child needed to work harder and where he/she was an expert.

Marching towards digitalization - SEIS

Marching towards digitalization - SEIS

We are working towards following the footsteps of our visionary Prime Minister, Mr. Modi who is pushing all the citizens to embrace digitalization with open arms. And we request our parents and students to support us in this extremely important growth initiative.

Marching towards digitalization - SEIS

Let us know how you love this facility adopted by the school, it will surely encourage us to work harder.