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Primary Science Exhibitions 2011

Primary Science Exhibitions 2011

Date : 19.11.2011

Please have a look at the Photo Albums to see the Primary Science Exhibitions.

Dear Parents,

We present here Our Science Exhibition (held on 19/11/2011). Teachers and Management thank parents for their co-operation and patience. Your involvement has encouraged students.

Students had wonderful experience. They learnt about

1. Seasons :- Variation of climate change. Different clothes for different season.
2. Type of Houses :- Materials used for making house, their Names, Labours Name, Tools use Labours.
3. Natural Resources :- Air, Pure and impure Air, Plants, Animals, Water and Land- our relation with Resources.
4. Types of Joints :- Hinge joint, Ball and Socket Joint, Gliding joint and Pivot Joint.
Functions of Bones :- Bones importance in our Body.

All Students were active and excited to play the role of Teacher to explain their Project to parents and visitors. Teachers felt proud of their students.