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School Vision

A child’s mind is like wet cement. Whatever falls on it once leaves an impression on it forever

-Dr. Haim Ginott

It gives me immense pleasure to welcome you to the SEIS Family.

A new vision for the School. : – Whether to be feeder of knowledge or to be regulator,which empowers child to learn & use technology. Platform where s/he observes to ask questions, What, why, how? Teachers encourages her/him by use of teaching aids & technology to answer. Child is taught to be independent. He learns to promote civil rules & its benefits than mob rules. He is made to realize to be a wealth creator, nation builder than mere spectator, who forever feel left out and sidelined.

As the Managing Trustee of SEIS, we are in search of concrete solutions. This vision of balance and fairness in child can achieve progress that is sustainable. He will be better equipped to face challenges of future.

The emphasis throughout our journey has been on enabling students to discover the world in enjoyable and intriguing ways. We intend to provide students not only the academic knowledge but also help them gain skills to understand success in the 21st century. As a nation, we are world’s fastest-growing democracy. Our child is a part of global human capital. India is a emerging hub today for provocative and innovative ideas. We are battling between an age old knowledge that has gone deep into our mind and dynamic technology options at our command.
We at SEIS, welcome you with open arms as our school continues to scale new heights to make a difference to the lives of our children. Our staff works hard to ensure our students leave the school as well-equipped and educated citizens. Excellence in everything we do is our earnest endeavor, as we contribute to a changing world that is a better place for us all.

Mahesh Desai


Shri M.K. Desai
(Managing Trustee)