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School Vision

Welcome everyone to the Academic Year 2020-21.

Time will tell us what changed, not what we lost, and how COVID has forced us to adopt e-learning. Our children are born in a digital age with Computers & Mobiles which they learnt to use very early in their lives. They have many  channels to browse  to help them in their endeavours. They have better options for skill learning.

Our country cannot afford  entrepreneurs to go bankrupt or the unemployed to go hungry during the lock-downs. Covid has made us realize that we need to act together & let our children learn skills to grow. Intellectual (IQ) along with Emotional (EQ) growth at school are both essential.

We have introduced extra activities to keep our children engaged and make them self-reliant. I am confident these students will show radical change and succeed in their lives as we go ahead.

I am optimistic and you should be too…

Best wishes,
Mahesh Desai- Managing Director (Trustee)


Shri M.K. Desai
(Managing Trustee)