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March 2023 Newsletter

‘Health is Wealth’

Knowing that ‘Health is Wealth’, SEIS organised a complete Health check up program for all the students on 2nd March, Thursday in school premises. Every Student was taken for Physical health checkup & Dental Checkup and individual reports were generated for the same.


Adopting new methodologies SE International initiated ‘EACH ONE-TEACH ONE’.
As it was revision time before the final exams, students helped each other to perform better by taking each other’s revision, solving queries and taking practice.

Memories for Lifetime

It was amazing to capture and preserve memories for generations to come.
A class photograph was taken on 15th March, Wednesday. Students were neatly dressed in complete school uniform as they cheerfully posed for the cameras.

Enriching the Lives of Women of SEIS

As it is important to help yourself before helping others, SEIS conducted a Women Healthcare workshop on 11th March, Saturday for all the Mommies & Grannies to help them understand their health better. It was a very informative & interactive workshop enjoyed by the Mommies.

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Talent Fest -2023

It is the learning environment provided which determines the success of a student. Talent Fest – 2023 conducted on 4th March, Saturday, was such superhit event in which students from grade 1-9 exhibited their interests and talents by presenting live projects and activities in various fields like Robotics, Science & Technology, English, Math, Arts, Games. It was open for the parents to see the work of the students. There were also some food-stalls put up by the parents.

Award Ceremony

SEIS always remembers to acknowledge and appreciate the tiny steps taken by our students as it helps them to reach mile-stones. An Award Ceremony was organized on 25th March, Saturday to felicitate the students who have won various competitions conducted throughout the year. The parents proudly accompanied the champions on stage to receive the trophies and certificates. Also ‘Student of the year’ and ‘Best Student in Academics’ was also announced. This motivated the winners and also other students to perform better.

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