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S.E International School has just completed a spectacular campaign on Borivali Railway Station. The school campaigned for safety and cleanliness with placards and banners today morning from 8 am to 10 am. We sincerely thank the students, volunteer parents and the staff who braved the heat. We would also like to thank Indian Railways for their kind support and the Railway Protection Force for whole heartfelt supporting our campaign.

The world seems to be increasingly becoming a dangerous place; parents are increasingly worrying about their children and their safety. It's a natural parental reaction to be protective, but realistically it is not possible to watch over your child all day, everyday. Pre-teen and teenage children need to see their friends and spend time away from their parents. All these independent activities are essential to the growth of identity. Your most important job is to keep your child as safe as you can without arousing tension and fear.

Yesterday i.e. on 14th March 2012 , we had a 'Save the Tiger' campaign at S.E. International School. Thanks to the 'Last Wilderness Foundation' and in particular a big shout out to Ms. Bhavna Menon and the team behind her who made this possible. We have distributed 'Save the Tiger' badges which should remind our students that this endangered national animal of ours needs all the help that it can get.