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June 2020 Newsletter

World Environment Day

American socialite, Lady Bird Johnson said,”The environment is where we all meet; where all have a mutual interest; it is the one thing all of us share.”

God has gifted us with Mother Nature who nourishes us at every point and so the responsibility of saving her is our duty.

The World Environment Day is celebrated on 5th June. The schools majorly play an important role in creating an awareness about the environment. The students who are our future citizens become cautious about environmental issues and its impact on life. They wholeheartedly come up with innovative ideas to protect mother earth.

The S.E. International School is on a road to success with the virtual classes. On account of the World Environment Day, too, S.E. International School had organised a Go Green Activity for Primary and Secondary section. Various online activities were discussed between the students and teachers and were supported by Principal Madam. The students were supposed to submit their activity online to their respective teachers. The students’ participation showcased their enthusiasm, creativity and concern for environment.

Following is the class wise activity summary:


Class 1
Class 1 activity, based on the topic Go Green,was to make a creative drawing in the form of collage work with the help of kite or marble paper crumplings. The students participated with great enthusiasm and made very beautiful collage work.


Class 2
Class 2 activity was preparing a card and chart using natural things and colours. Students participated with great excitement.


Class 3
Class 3 activity was to make green salads. The students used vegetables of their choice to decorate it. They understood the importance of vegetables for good health.


Class 4
Class 4 students were asked to grow plants in plastic bottles. Single use plastic bottles are not safe for drinking water again but it is perfect for keeping our plants hydrated. The students understood the harm caused due to plastic and how they can avoid single use plastic materials.

Class 5
Class 5 students were asked to prepare articles using household waste materials. All the students participated in the activity and made beautiful and attractive articles out of waste material.

Class 6
Class 6 made bookmarks based on environment theme.They showed their creativity using materials like newspaper, covers of books, cardboard, etc. They had written beautiful quotes about spreading awareness of endangered species of animals, birds, plants etc. and also about their protection.

Class 7
Class 7 prepared a GO GREEN CROWN. Even in this lockdown period, students prepared very beautiful crowns using materials available at home.They also wrote some slogans on Go Green theme.

Class 8
Class 8 activity was based on the topic ‘Saviours of Environment.’
The students were given topics like Earthworms and Vermiculture, Food chain and Scavengers. They collected information on these topics and also shared the pictures related to it. They were amazed by the idea of vermiculture that is used to improve the soil and understood the roles of other creatures in maintaining the environmental balance.

Class 9
Class 9 made a notepad related to the Go green theme. They used materials available at home, to prepare the note pads, thus realizing the responsibility to protect the environment and sustain it’s natural resources for current and future generation. They wholeheartedly participated in the activity.

MODEL MAKING competition organised by ISRO (ICC-2020)

During lockdown period Mst. Rudrik Mewada (6th STD) and Kunj Joshi (6th STD) had participated in competition organised by ISRO (ICC-2020) on the topic of “MODEL MAKING”.