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Academic Year 2011 @ S.E.I.S.

The academic year 2011-12 has just begun and we wish all our students a hearty welcome back to school! This year shall see several improvements in S.E. International School.

  • We shall be getting a brand new school bus for our students – it is a Mazda bus equipped with the absolute latest in safety and convenience. Nothing but the best when it comes to students of S.E. International! Lets all do a Hip Hip Hurray when we get the new bus in the school!!
  • We shall also be getting a dedicated computer laboratory with Internet access and fast computer systems.
  • A dedicated science lab is also being constructed and we are sure that students are going to be absolutely thrilled with these facilities once we are done.
  • And last, but not the least , we shall finally be on the world wide web including Facebook and Twitter ! Make sure to follow us / like us.