Vanita Sonavane

Name : Mrs. Vanita V. Sonawane
Subject : History/Geography
Std.: V
Education & Qualifications : B.A.B.Ed.

In Mrs. Vanita V. Sonawane own words :

I am Mrs. Vanita V. Sonawane, the class teacher of std V. My motto in life is ” Be happy and make other’s happy.” Teaching is my passion and I like challeges. I think teaching is a noble proffession in which teacher is very luck to be witness in the process of tomorrows Genius, who are true asset of our nation.

I not only teach but also learn many thing everyday from the students. In true sense teacher is a process of non-stop learning. As a teacher I realise a person is a student throughout life and each student has a unique personality. I expect my students to be disciplined, dedicated and all round developed with confidence.