1) We give importance to academics, extra curricular activities and Indian culture and traditions. We are secular in our outlook and celebrate all the festivals with great enthusiasm and professional skills.

2) Audio-visual aids for Education, latest I.T. devices like V.C.Ds., D.V.Ds, Audio-Visual System of computers, projector, large screen, are used to make learning interesting, lively and filled with fun. Class rooms are equipped with EDUCOMP SMART CLASS.

3) The School is selected by Maharashtra-S.S.C./ H.S.C. Board as centre for examinations of both S.S.C. and H.S.C. with all required facilities.

4) With the help of Experts, school has introduced OPTIONAL ACTIVITIES for students on SATURDAY. Parent can inquire about fees, duration, time etc. in school office and take admissions.

5) The School is permanently Un-aided Government recognized. TALENT HUB – A division of school offers Maha. State Govt. Board Diploma Vocational Course equivalent to XI and XIIth.

6) It is the responsibility of parents / guardians to notify the School Authorities of any change in their address and telephone number. The address and telephone number in the school records will be considered valid for any correspondence unless otherwise notified. Parents are requested to provide a valid e-mail ID and cell phone number to the school, as the school may communicate by e-mail or SMS at times.

7) Students are given I-Card & School Diary-In case of loss, each can be availed at payment of rs. 200/- each.

8) Parents are requested to pick up and drop their children at the school gate only. Please see to it that your child arrives in school at the prescribed time of his or her shift, and is picked up on time, to avoid inconvenience to both child and school.

a) Access Days/Report Card days will be intimated. Parents must attend these todiscuss
the progress of the student with the concerned teachers.
b) The parents will attend the meeting accompanied by their children in uniform. No tuition teachers will be allowed for the meeting.

10) Kindly check the school diary and circulars before calling up the school.

11) Please provide the Name, Ref. No., Std. and Div. of your ward in any correspondence or during any interaction/telephonic communication with the school. It would be difficult for us to respond adequately in the absence of these details.

12) Parents must ensure that child comes to school in school uniform as specified by school. Students who are not in uniform and Dress code will not be allowed to enter the school or school bus. They must be polite and courteous when interacting with staff in the school. Staff at reception and security are on duty, Please co-operate with them. Any misbehavior on part of parent with the school authorities, teachers or security staff will be dealt with severely. In extreme cases, such parents may be debarred from entry into the premises for events.

13) Parents are cautioned against entering into any commercial activity with staff or persons citing the school name. Teachers of the school are not permitted to give private tuition to students of the school. Parents are requested to confirm with the school in case of doubt, and support the school authorities to prevent unethical practices by reporting the same.

a) Students are expected to dress neatly and smartly in the prescribed school uniform.
b) Identity card compulsory at all times.
c) Primary & Secondary Girls should wear navy blue ribbons or hair band. Pre-Primary girls should wear Red ribbons or hair band.
d) Primary & Secondary students have to wear navy blue sweaters in winter. Pre-Primary students have to wear Red sweaters in winter.
e) Students are required to wear the PT uniform on days when they have PT periods.
f) On school days, Access Days, Events, Picnics and Excursions, students must be in the prescribed school uniform.
g) Hair should be neatly combed back. Boys must keep hair short, while girls will tie up their (2 ponytails or 2 plaits). Application of hair colour or gel will not be allowed. Fancy hair cuts and styles are not accepted in school.
h) Birthdays.
i) Std. I to IV – Students are permitted to wear comfortable and decent civil clothes on their birthdays.
ii) Std. V to X – Students will be in their school uniform.

a) Regularity and implicit obedience are expected of students in the school.
b) Politeness and courtesy of speech and conducts, as well as cleanliness in dress and person are expected.
c) Students must realize that they are responsible to the school authorities not only for their conduct in school, but also for their general behavior outside. Any reported or observed objectionable conduct out of the school on the part of students shall make them liable to disciplinary action.
d) Any student found using foul language, bullying or threatening any other student will be dealt severely.
e) Disciplinary action even to the extent of dismissal may be considered, in the event of misconduct causing injury to another, or causing damage to the physical or moral tone of the school. Activity considered illegal for minors can result in rustication.
f) Any student who is persistently insubordinate or is repeatedly or willfully mischievous or is guilty of malpractices in connection with examinations or has committed an act of serious indiscipline and/or misbehavior, or who, in the opinion of the Head of the school, has an unwholesome influence on his/her fellow students, may be expelled permanently or removed from the school for a specified period by the Head of the school.
g) To inculcate responsibility and respect, students are expected to take care of school property, help keep the premises clean, and preserve all material and books carefully. Any damage will have to be made good by the student/parent. Please ensure proper guidance to your child to avoid inconvenience.
h) No student may leave the school premises during school hours (inclusive of school recess) without the written permission of the Headmistress.
i) In view of students safety and social adjustment, jewellery, watches, mehendi, perfumes or nail polish is strictly prohibited in school.
j) In keeping with the secular environment of the school, students must refrain from demonstrating or carrying any religious/political articles or symbols. Any political activity is strictly forbidden in school and will be met with immediate action.
k) Students are not permitted to carry cell phones, electronic gadgets or devices, or other expensive items to school. These will be confiscated and returned only at the end of the year to the parent.

16) Students are not allowed to receive food from outside when in school premises. Please ensure your child carries tiffin and water to school. Canteen facilities are available only to secondary students during break only. If your child needs to use the canteen facility, please ensure that s/he carries only a limited amount of money.

17) School will always act in the best interest of the child. In case of a medical emergency accident with a student, every effort will be made to contact the parent. If they are inaccessible, parents shall abide by the decision taken by the School Authorities. In case of emergency, if child is taken to nearby clinic/hospital, parent will pay all the expenses.

18) In times of natural calamity, parents are requested to co-operate with the decisions of the School Authorities.

a) No half-days will be granted for any reason.
b) Short leave (1-2 days) : Any application for leave of absence should be recorded in the school diary by parents or guardians and duly signed, with the reason for leave of absence and shown to the Class Teacher.
c) Long leave (3 days or More) : No student will remain absent from the school unless under unforeseen circumstances. A handwritten application should be submitted to the Headmistress and prior sanction sought. The school does not encourage students taking long leave during the term. Parents are requested to plan appropriately so as to minimize the loss of days of study.
d) Sick Leave : Where illness causes absence of more than one week, the School Authorities must be informed in writing as soon as possible. The school reserves the right to deny entry to students who have not sufficiently recovered from an infectious/or serious illness. A medical certificate must be submitted on resuming school.
e) Admission will be automatically cancelled if the student is absent for 3 months consecutively without information.

20) Verification of Marks: Application of verification of marks in any subject/s is generally not considered. If considered at the discretion of Principal, the result will be intimated to pupil/ parents within a week from the date of application; provided such application is received not later than a week after result is declared and after the payment of fees as specified by the School per subject is paid with the request letter from the parents. The decision of Principal is final and binding on pupils/parents.

21) Promotions/Detentions: These are decided after careful consideration of all aspects of pupils’ regular attendance / minimum attendance at 75% of total 200 teaching days requirement by S.S.C.E. Board and Maharashtra Education Dept. and performance in Unit Tests and other Examinations.
The pupil with attendance less than 75% of total 200 days working/teaching days as specified by S.S.C. Board will not be allowed to appear in S.S.C. Examination as per S.S.C.E. Board rules.

a) New admissions will be made subject to availability of seats.
b) Parents or guardians cannot dictate terms to the Management; the right to admit or retain students in the school lies solely with the Management.
c) Students will be given admission only through proper channels. No special reference or recommendation or agent will be entertained or considered.

a) School Leaving Certificate will be issued only after a handwritten application is submitted by the parent/guardian to the school office. (Please attach a copy of the last fee payment receipt to the application form).
b) A month’s notice should be given before the withdrawal of a student, or else the fee will be charged for that period.
c) No School Leaving Certificate will be issued unless all dues to the school have been cleared for the full Academic Year.
d) April 30 is last date for School Leaving Certificate request. Rs. 1500/- will be charged if applied after April 30. Any application of L.C. after 30th April, will have to pay 1st quarter fees and any application after school re-opens will pay entire year fees.

24) FEES
a) School Tuition fee must be paid in quarterly installments before June 1st, August 1st, November 1st and February 1st.
b) If the fee is paid after the 5th of the month, a fine of 10/- per day will be charged with cumulative effect. Term fee, must be paid along with fees for June & November.
c) Fees will be revised with 10% , or there about rise , every year.
d) For payment of fees by cheque, please confirm with school office the name in which the cheque is to be drawn. Please mention the student’s reference number on the reverse of the cheque. (For delayed payment, please re-confirm the fee amount).
e) Separate cheques should be given for each student.
f) If a cheque is returned for any reason, the school will not accept a cheque from a parent again for that academic year. Thereafter payment must be made in cash and also Fine charge of 500/- will be borne by the parent for cheques that are dishonored for any reason.
g) Non-payment of fees for over 3 month will automatically render the student’s admission cancelled.
h) Bus fees are to be paid separately by cheque.

a) Admission/Application Fees, once paid which are non refundable for any reason or any cancellation clause of S.E. International School.
b) Refund Policy : If customer paid twice for one transaction, the one transaction amount will be refunded via same source within 07 to 10 working days.

26) Pupils’ Belongings : Pupils will not wear any ornaments or bring any valuables, mobile etc. with them. The School will not be responsible forany loss/ damage to pupils’ belongings.

27) Expulsion from the School:
a) Damage to the School property: For any damage to equipment, furniture, fittings or any property done by any pupil, the pupil’s parents will be liable to make good loss to the School. For any such acts more than three times, the pupil will be expelled from the School.
b) Pupils with frequent irregular attendance, indiscipline, nuisance of any kind, lack of attention in studies in class, disobedience, dishonesty, disturbance in teaching and related activities including those detrimental to moral in the class in the School and outside affecting School’s reputation, will be expelled from the School. The pupil will not take part in any political or other activities which can turn violent. Any pupil who fails for two consecutive years in same standard will have to leave the School.
c) All these cares taken by the School bus service are not taken by private vans/bus services. Hence, parents are not permitted to avail private illegal Transport vans or any vehicles as mode of transport. R.T.O. and Govt. do not permit transport facilities by private Auto rickshaw, Van, Bus service without the School permission, terming such services illegal. The School does not permit parents’ engaging and private Auto rickshaw/van/bus transport service for the students. Any Parent found violating School norms will find his child removed from the school.


Please Note :
a) All information regarding the registration for the facility, payment of fees, routes, timings for pick up, timings for drop of bus service will be available in the school with the Bus in-charge.
b) Parents must not get into any transaction/altercation/physical fight/contact, or verbally abuse the bus staff or other students or their parents. IN such cases, the student is likely to be debarred from bus facility with immediate effect.
c) The school bus facility available to the student cannot be expected or demanded as a matter of right. The School Authorities, at their own discretion, have the right to disallow any student from availing the bus facility.
d) It is the responsibility of the parents to teach their children safe behavior on the bus. Parents are requested to read the bus rules given below and explain the same to their wards.

Bus Rules for Students
e) No student will be allowed to board or alight when the bus is in motion.
f) Students will wait in a queue for their turn to enter and alight from the bus.
g) During their travel, students will not run/jump/or play in the bus for reasons of safety.
h) Students will take care of their belongings and maintain cleanliness on the bus.
i) They will talk politely to their peers and bus personnel and not use foul language. They will maintain orders and not scream/shout/fight in the bus or do anything that will distract the driver.
j) They will not harass passers-by by teasing them or throwing water on them or by any other means.
k) They will compensate for any loss/damage created by them during their transportation.
l) Students will not put any part of their body outside the bus in transit.
m) Students will follow instructions given by the staff on duty. Student is expected to follow the above mentioned rules at all points of time i.e., during field trips, annual events, camps, picnics etc.
n) Students will have to face consequences for violation of the above mentioned rules to the extent of suspension from a cancellation of bus service.
o) Parents are advised to use School Bus Service in preference to Hired Shared Auto-Rickshaw, van for Safety & security of their children. This is also advised by Maha. Police Dept.

I/We have read the SCHOOL GENERAL INFORMATION AND RULES and I/We agree to abide by them.


1) The School has completed 14 (fourteen ) years in May, 2015.

2) Recognition: The School has Pre-Primary, Primary and Secondary sections from Play Group to Std. X (S.S.C.). Primary Section is recognized by M.C.G.M. & Secondary section is recognized by Maharashtra Education Department and S.S.C. Examination Board, Mumbai. The School has Diploma courses of vocational education recognized by Maharashtra State Board
of Vocational Education.-Inquiries are solicited for information & admission.

3) The School is permanently Un-aided Government recognized school as per Govt. policy. It is managed by highly qualified and experienced Architect, Engineer, Management consultants and a team of experienced, qualified teachers. They manage administration, expansion at competitive costs, maintain high standard of education and extra-curricular activities at affordable costs.

4) Management: Pre-Primary and Skills Development section is managed by TALENT HUB, Primary and Secondary sections are managed by K.K. Desai Public Charitable Trust.

5) The School A.C. Hall to cater to various activities stated here above and a small garden with slides and swings for Pre-Primary pupils. School has hired Play Ground for Physical exercise & Sports Activities.

6) The School has Digital Library, Computer Room, Science Laboratory and facilities for Talents; like dance, musical instrumental training, Karate, Skating, Robotics, Workshops on Concept based Science Practical, Value of Money Classes, Art & Crafts etc.

7) The School imparts computer education to pupils for Primary and Secondary sections. The School has planned Tablet based computer supported Education – E-Learning.

8) As a step further, the School management has introduced from this Year TAB- (Tablet) based E-Learning -Education .The School will provide FREE TABLET to children from Std. V to Std. VIII. REPRO India Ltd; will provide Licensed Content of Syllabus courses and other different subjects E-Books/Contents approved by the School. The children will enjoy the study in Methods & Technology convenient to them, in class rooms and at homes. REPRO India Ltd; will also maintain and update the Contents. Parents will pay additional subscription fees to REPRO India Ltd; for each term. S.E.I. School is the first State Govt. recognized, School in Mumbai in providing FREE TABLET For Learning from Std. V to Std. VIII and start TAB based learning. This will be extended till Xth in next two Academic years.

9) The School has CCTVs with central monitoring system in entire school premises for surveillance for safety and security of pupils, teachers, staff, visiting persons and property.

10) The School organizes social, cultural, sports activities and celebrate Festivals on national and state holidays.

11) The School arranges educational and entertaining trips to local public places of interest and out-station tours for pupils and teachers of the School.

12) The School arranges free medical camp for School pupils every year by senior medical practitioners.

13) The School organizes facilities for Summer camps for our School pupils at economical costs for music, dance, drawings, craft works, karate and skating.

14) Our School has introduced “My Classboard” – technological programme for communication / administrative systems for making pupils’ attendance, SMS to parents for any absence or delay, home work required, done-not done, fees payments due, payment receipts, examinations – Tests, results etc. The teachers upload portion covered with notes/PPT presentation every week. The parents can log in to their account and get their wards / child complete revision at their convenience.

15) “My Classboard” has photo gallery, quiz and many interesting information at periodical intervals. This programme is also connected to School Website – Parents can visit School Website – for regular updates. This program will also support online fees facility shortly.

16) Bus Service: The safety and security of students have been important and serious matter of concern to State Government, Police Deptt / R.T.O. offices and parents, in
view of child abuse, kidnapping for ransom, traffic, accidental deaths due to careless driving etc. Hence, the School is also under pressure from Govt./Police Deptt. to organize & permit only safe and secured transport arrangement for students. School has been operating for years excellent bus service for our School pupils traveling from Malad, Kandivali, Borivali, Dahisar, Mira Road & Bhayander both East and West.

a) The buses are fully equipped and provided with licensed experienced drivers, suitable cleaners, maids- bais for monitoring safe movements of pupils as per Maharashtra Govt.- R.T.O. Rules and Regulations, Laws.

b) All buses are equipped with CCTV & GPS system. Parents are not permitted to avail Private Illegal Transport Vans or any vehicles. R.T.O. do not permit private transport service for school students. School follows R.T.O. rules for its transport services. Any parent found disobeying school Rules or R.T.O. Rules, will find his child removed from school.

17) The School management reserves the right to change any of above rules.