1) Introduction of SEIS

The school was founded in May, 2001 and has been flourishing since then. We have Pre-Primary, Primary and Secondary sections i.e. from Nursery to Std. X. The school prepares students for the Secondary School Certificate (S.S.C.) examination and is recognized by the Maharashtra Education Dept. and S.S.C. Examination Board, Mumbai.

Do check out the impressive infrastructure that our school boasts of. No other school can be ‘International’ in the truest sense of the word. Our students are taught by the Zee Learn Gakken Science Academy – an activity based science program through which it aims to bring the best of Japanese education to schools across India. After all, who said that only IB schools can be international!

2) Pre-Primary

Pre-primary pupils are taken utmost care of by trained teachers as tender, loving care is the best catalyst for a well-groomed growth of the young children. Through various lively demos the teachers constantly try and induce curiosity in their mind. It is at this stage that we believe the student should be trained to improve their communication and creative skills.

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3) Primary

At this stage students begin to adapt to the school environment and love attending their school. They also begin to think independently and have their own views about particular topics. Keeping in mind all these changes, we try and nurture their thinking capability. Audio-Visual aids for education like DVDs and VCDs are used to make learning lively and filled with fun.

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4) Secondary

Students at this stage understand their responsibility and are trained to face the outside world and forge ahead. The academic challenges now become the focus and students begin to work hard for their Board examination. Our teachers give them special attention and also conduct extra classes in case students face any problems in understanding. Students are also given various projects to learn and experience the subject on their own.

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5) Private S.S.C.

At S.E. International School, we believe that every child deserves a second chance. So whether due to being poor in studies or due to unfortunate circumstances if your ward has been unable to complete S.S.C. – we offer private S.S.C. examinations allowing them to complete their studies. Unlike other Private S.S.C. coaching classes, our students are coached in the school in a ‘regular’ school atmosphere with the same faculty as for the other students. We believe that every kid deserves a fresh chance and thats exactly what our private S.S.C. batches do. Higher age students with a long break between studies may also prefer this option. With focus on the needs of each individual student, contact us to see how that coveted S.S.C. certificate can finally be achieved.

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About the K.K. Desai Charitable Trust

Shri Kantilal Keshavlal Desai left behind him the seeds of education in the family. Ba (Shrimati Kapila Desai) as she was fondly known as, wife of Shri Kantilal Desai also believed that the upliftment of the society is not possible without proper education.

In the year 1989, following on their footsteps, their children, Shri Bhagwandas Desai and Shri Mahesh Desai floated a charitable trust in their memory. The main objective of the trust is to make each individual rise and make a lasting contribute to civilization. K.K.Desai believed that the fruits which we eat are the results of the seeds sown by our ancestors. We should be a contributor for the next generation to live a better life and hence, have to sow more seeds for a better society.

The trust formed in 1989 has since then used its funds for charitable purposes. In the year 1994, the family purchased a small piece of land to spread education in middle class society.

The school commenced operations in the year 2001. The mission of the trust is ‘Education ensures better tomorrow’. We believe that knowledge is not the right of a few privileged but should be available to each individual to make society and in turn the country, a developed nation.

The founding trustees continue to take great interest in the day to day running of the school. This is reflected in the new technologies that are constantly adopted and the dynamic nature of S.E. International School.